DOSBox Launcher

DOSBox Launcher configures and starts DOS applications (e.g. games) using the DOSBox app on the system.

DOSBox Launcher


DOSBox Launcher is an easy to use multiplatform frontend (GUI) for DOSBox to configure and start DOS applications (e.g. games) using the DOSBox app on your computer. DOSBox itself is not part of this app and must be installed separately (see

Having a simple configuration with few parameters is in the focus. DOSBox Launcher is therefore less suitable for cataloging and managing complex collections of DOS applications.

DOSBox Launchers interface supports English and German language and currently runs on MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Download of compiled app, current version 1.2.2:


  1. Download and install DOSBox ( if not already done.
  2. Create a “DOS-Games” folder somewhere on your system and put all games (folders) you want to run here.
  3. Download and run DOSBox Laucher.

See wiki pages on github for more details.

The main window shows a list of the configured DOS applications / games. A double click starts the respective game.

DOSBoxLauncher Screenshot

The configuration of the DOSBox options takes place either in “simple” or “expert” mode. The “simple” mode allows the quick configuration of essential DOSBox options by means of a simple dialog.

DOSBoxLauncher Screenshot

In “Expert” mode, the DOSBox configuration file for the application can be edited directly. All DOSBox options and configuration variants can be used here. Full control over the DOS application is available.

DOSBoxLauncher Screenshot


DOSBox Launcher is published under the MIT License and can be used free of charge.


The project was created using the development environment XOJO.